Second Thoughts


Emilie here. Also known as the Deputy of Caramels, Corporate Caramel Engineer, Junior Implementer of Granulated Sugar and Bourbon… we haven’t quite worked out the title yet. I work here doing various behind the scenes tasks, so I thought I would introduce myself. That’s me with Stephanie (above) from a little segment that was filmed for Shaw TV. (You can tell it was a special day because we are wearing make-up and do not have our hair in top knots).

I have had quite the year.  I am a recent art school graduate which predictably lead me to career serving curry. Delicious curry I might add, but after a year of letting the old right brain rust over, I decided to run away and see a bit of the world while I still am young(ish). So I did. I saw Germany, Italy, Croatia, and Greece in five weeks. I did not have a metaphysical epiphany as I had planned, but once home I was ready to pursue a career ultimately about creation, collaboration, beauty, and quality.

When I met up with my good friend Stephanie (the candid confectioner herself), she told me her caramels were selling even better than anticipated and that she was going to go for it — make the Candid Confectioner into a business. Now I’m not sure of a lot of things in life, but I have great taste (beyond my means most of the time) and these are the best caramels I have ever tasted .  I knew premium caramels paired with Steph’s gregarious personality, and the fact that she puts booze in most of her cooking, would ultimately lead to great success.

So here I am. Diving into the caramel sea. Christmas was a sugar burn laden season of learning experiences. And now as we are branching out into stores we love and respect, creating Valentines day treats and Wedding favours, we are both so excited. I can’t wait to make more tasty and beautiful treats for the lovely people of Vancouver (and eventually the rest of the world)

And since Stephanie disclosed her life lessons of 2013, I thought I would share my favourite which is from the CC herself…


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