Made it past Make-it

Happy New Year, everyone!

I seem to apologize for my absence every time I write a post. While I abhor New Years resolutions, I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to post here on a more regular basis. Regular, meaning once or twice a year…

I’ve just recuperated from the biggest month yet for the candid confectioner thanks to an amazing team of friends, family, colleagues and fellow small businesses. Juggling between working at Rangoli, being in the kitchen, running errands and remembering to sleep or eat in between became increasingly chaotic but we pulled through! My mom was caught sneaking into the kitchen while I was at Rangoli, wrapping and packing away with my aunt and giving me text updates. Friends came in between their busy school and work schedules (one of my best friends even drove 4 hours!) to help me package, deliver, and do whatever else I needed done aside from cooking. At one point Carole, who continues to help me turn my wee company into a physical reality, glued herself to her living room window at night, urgently anticipating the delivery of my new banner. The day before Make-It show proved to be most stressful for various reasons and I was closely reaching my breaking point, but the girls at Garden Party Flowers showed up last minute as a surprise to help me set up and magically transformed my booth into a whimsical nook. Even my managers at Rangoli did whatever they could to help, from covering my shifts and catering to my schedule, to showing up at Make-It to “sling mels”. The list goes on and on, but I think what is clear is that the success of my little business is only as strong as the community of which I am a part of, from the small business owners who understand my stresses and give me the space and operational flexibility to grow and succeed, to my friends and family who contribute in any way they are capable of. Engaging in this “artisanal affair,” as I like to call it, is not only revealing to me who and how many will truly go to bat for me or how the simple act of making a confection can connect me with others in ways I could not have imagined, but also the importance of recognizing or discovering my strengths and values as a colleague, friend, partner, family member, and business owner. When I feel like I am losing balance or perspective, these revelations serve as pillars of strength; as I find myself staring at a caramel, bound by 2 quarter-twists on each end of its parchment cocoon, questioning the absurdity and or purpose of this journey, I am reminded that the bigger and much more fullfilling picture extends far beyond its objective presence and that I am not alone.


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  1. That schedule sounds horrific but please know that your small wrapped pieces of happiness are the best part of my day. When I steal them from my husband (they were in his stocking.) :D

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