Simple, humble, and without pretension, the candid confectioner is an artisanal affair that currently focuses on crafting small batch, handmade caramels. We place our focus on using quality ingredients as well as in establishing relationships within the local community. Each amber treat is a labour of love, candidly confected.

Our Story

At Vij’s Rangoli, where Stephanie is currently floor manager, the idea of the candid confectioner’s signature Chai Caramels came from the desire to share homemade treats with her friends and colleagues during the holidays.  In particular, Stephanie wanted to make something for the ladies in the kitchen, who work tirelessly every day from early morning.    Aware of the ladies’ notorious sweet tooth and having been offered their sweets while they were having their daily chai break, Stephanie came up with the idea of infusing caramel candies with chai tea. At first, the ladies were hesitant about trying them…but in minutes, one of them was found in a corner, cradling the mason jar of candies.  Next, Vikram Vij was offered one.  He declined at first, but later confessed to going back for seconds and sneaking some home to his daughters.  Upon his encouragement to sell them at the market in Rangoli, the candid confectioner was born.

Stephanie Chan, Owner

An avid daydreamer, lover of all things food and drink, and a child at heart, Stephanie grew up persistently breaking the household rule of “one candy a day only.”  As a child, her favourite book was Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , which she read over fourteen times while savouring chocolate on the side.  When she is not working at Rangoli, she can be found at her commercial kitchen stirring up new flavours and getting covered in caramel.  Her days off are few and far between, but are spent studying photography, hitting up her favourite eateries, practicing restraint at her favourite local fashion boutiques (ha!), and spending time with friends and loved ones.